Shamans who have Confirmed their Assistance (up to now)

  • Mr. Alejandro Cirilo Oxlaj (Guatemala) High Maya Priest from the third Quiché generation. President of the Indigenous Council of the Americas.
  • Susanna Aarnio (Finland) Master of Ugrofinnish Shamanism from the Salvia Kalevala Tradition. Master on Traditional Drum and Soul Chant
  • The Hidalgo from Bacatete (México) Coauthor of the book “The witnesses of the Nagual". He received personalized instruction from Carlos Castaneda.
  • Nikolay Oorzhak (Siberia) Heir and MasteroShaman en “Khoomei” (chanting from the throat).
  • Morgan Eaglebear (U.S.A.) Apache's leader great-grandson of the indian Jerome
  • Zacciah Blackburn (U.S.A)
  • Thutam Guillamot (Spain)
  • Liz Padmadevi (Mexico)



Program (is subject to changes)


Friday       20/05/2016

12.00 -12.30   Opening Ceremony

12.30 -13.30   The shamanism of Carlos Castaneda from a Junguian vision

                       CARLOS HIDALGO DE BACATETE


15.30 -16.00   Exclusive video only for the congress: What is shamanism

                        CARLOS DE LEON


16.00-17.50   DIAMOND LIGHT, Direct Healing mechanisms on Body and Soul

                       ZACCIAH BALCKBURN


18.00 -18.50     13 Baktum: the time of the 6th sun

                       CIRILO OXLAJ      


19.10 - 20.30          Roundtable "Shamanism in the XXI Century"

                        ALL SHAMANS




21.30 -22.30  KHOOMEY CONCERT

                       NIKOLAY OORZHAK











10.00-11.00   Quantic shamanism XXI






12.00 - 13.30   9 different   breathing

                      NIKOLAY OORZHAK


15.30 -17.00 Apache protection

                      MORGAN EAGLEBEAR



 17.30 - 18.30 trascendent aspects of the abducction

                      MAGDALENA DEL AMO





21.30 - 22.30 FULL MOON CEREMONY

                     CIRILO OXLAJ











The above mentioned program will take place in the main circular room on Amalurra. Meanwhile, in the auxiliary rooms, alternative workshops and individual consultations with the shamans participants will be scheduled.

Individual Consultations

During the conference, the Shamans participants will do private consultations upon request.

To book your individual appointment please send us an email to


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Registration and Discounts


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