Master Lee (Corea del Sur)


The greatest shaman was perhaps called Dahngun in ancient Korea, maybe called as Tengri Ongun in ancient Monglia. Although there’s no specific shamanic ceremony in GiCheon, there is a belief that my master considered d himself as a shaman but who attained it by GiCheon practice and he didn't need to enter into trance like what the others do.

This shamanic status was considered to be in the highest as he/she didn't need to bring sprits for exorcism, fortunetelling, cleaning the other's energy, etc. Or even power from nature.

Almost of people don't know about the shamanic status my teacher considered himself to attain it because he didn't do any ceremony or rituals like the others do. In ancient Korea, the greatest spiritual leader and political ruler was in such shamanic status of my teacher.

I believe myself as shaman but not like you know others.

Doing shamanic ceremony that other shamans do is considered to be not for me. I need to investigate about this shamanic status more scientifically and historically. Being in this shamanic status was considered to be secret for most of people.

In Chinese letter called “Mu ()” - represents who brings up rain, warrior, dancer. So it indicated for one who also has an excellent martial art/dance skills. But this secret was also lost somehow in generations, and animating shamans have left and practiced. In terms of very ancient shamanic meaning, GiCheon is very interesting subject and I believe GiCheon could have been such tradition to make original meaning of shaman throughout Siberia. And ancient Korean myth tells about original meaning of shamans.

But now this shamanic tradition is untraceable. As you know, training GiCheon takes long years with full of sufferings. I understand today shamans are already dissected from this original

Self-development in order to awaken and broaden his or her vision about the world & Universe (past, present and the future).

People named different terms for differently looking traditions. But in our reality, for more clearer, deeper, visions for the time(past, present, future) and universe(the world, stars nature, animals humans), one needs to develop and awaken itself more deeper, profoundly through disconnecting itself from being personal, intuitional with self-senses.

And so one needs to train its body to purify itself by eliminating bad energy inside, created by its ego, negative vision, negative way of thinking, narrow senses of self, narrow intuition, narrow vision with time and space, etc.

Then its body will be more brighter and clearer to be able to have more deeper and wider vision which will help itself to be able to see deeper, longer in time and space(universe, world, animals, humans, invisible elements) from senses of the universe and not from self-senses or self-intuition.

In GiCheon, self-purification arises from the center of the core by exploring inner world of self. While perhaps other shamanic or spiritual traditions seek for supreme divines or animals or extra outside self. As humans are of the elements of the universe, we already possess all the potentials for all possibility that can be created in the unlimited boundary of the universe.

When we awaken all of these hidden potentials hibernated within us and are able to put them under our control with our own wills, we will be able to see time-past present, future) and universe(all things inside the universe) from universal scale. The status is referred to as a prophet or a son of the God or a messenger of the god or a great shaman, extra or enlightened one.

When people sense (see, feel, etc.) just pain or hardship inside themselves, they won't be able to awaken their potentials that would help them become liberated from 3 dimensional attachments.

To be able to sense (see beyond eyes, smell beyond noses, hear beyond ears, touch beyond skins, etc), one must do a self-martyrdom (self-crucifixion, self-devotion, self-sacrifice, etc.

NaeGa ShinJang symbolizes self-martyrdom, burning oneself with fire (like kabbalah fire training). But self-burning with fire in this pose arises exactly like in nature and universe with no human conceptions or intentions or consciousness.

So the fire can arise differently on each individual - the fire (light energy, etc) created just by self and involved with none in the universe -i.e., god, divinity, animals, etc). Before the fire is full through self-martyrdom, self was a mere single but after, self will be all (=universe). Before the fire being full, self was attached to 3 dimensional senses and capabilities.

But after, self will be liberated from these 3 dimensional attachments. And so 3 dimensional attachments and incapability won't trouble self to see beyond eyes, hear beyond ears, smell beyond nose, sense beyond skins, etc.




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