Korean System of Healing and Meditation

GiCheon is a unique system of martial art, spiritual discipline, meditation and holistic healing comprising positions adaptable to the needs of all people.


This technique allows you to experience greater physical, energy and mental strength, as its basic principle is to make the body by itself create a complete balance within and, in this way to increase the most of all their inherent potential. Its benefits affect active and harmoniously in all areas of the GiCheon practitioner's life and it allows to transform the unconscious into a conscious and total reality.


During the training, the exercises combine breath and methods to channel the inner energy, while strengthening muscles and ligaments.


GiCheon has a single method called YeokGeun increasing joint flexibility and thus the chi circulation is promoted throughout the whole body. In this practice almost immediate results occur to the experts and to the new students as well as people with health injuries.


Health Benefits:


GiCheon heals problems of arthritis, asthma, rheumatism, scoliosis, obesity, diabetes, cancer, skin disorders, growth in children, hormonal disorders, insomnia, heart disease, paralysis, osteoporosis, sore shoulders, head, knees, hips, ankles and back, among others.


Psychological Benefits:

The practice of GiCheon improves concentration, reduces anxiety and stress, increases the clarity of thoughts, it helps to overcome problems of addiction and self-destructive habits, increases creativity and ends with the bad moods. Consciousness expands, GiCehon promotes greater neuronal synapses and improves memory.


Benefits for martial artists practitioners and athletes:

It gives strength, endurance, strength, balance, coordination, agility, speed. Promotes a deeper contact with the hara and it grants great benefits in the meditation experience.


Men and woman of all ages are able to participate in this course, with the huge and unique opportunity to have personal assistance from Master Lee, as he, in his experience of 20 years of teaching and training, has the ability to adapt the technique to the structure and physical condition of each student.


For anyone interested, in addition to the training program of healing, this time Master Lee can teach martial arts. Master Lee is a renowned teacher in countries such as Russia, the United States, Korea, Greece, Finland, Sweden, Mexico, Portugal and Spain






 26 de DIC

al  6 de ENERO



Durante el viaje aprende del ARTE  BUDISTA, HINDUISTA Y NEPALI  



   Aprende el manejo de energía en los







Visita a la casa y monasterio de maestros muy reconocidos en el budismo...


Posibilidad de aprender con ellos en este viaje.







La medicina tibetana es una ciencia, filosofía y arte de miles de años... es preventiva y nos da un diagnóstico y soluciones a resolver problemas fisicos, emocionales y espirituales con plantas medicinales y astrología y práctica espiritual.









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