Shing Shamanic Training

Shaman is a man or woman of knowledge, which is consciously merged with the primordial wisdom. He who has learned that this reality is not as solid as it seems, is the conscious dreamer in dreams and the one that heals or travels with his astral body and also enjoys the trip. He/she changes their dreams or leave them at will, also changes his/her physical reality and helps to change the reality of others in a more loving one. The shaman creates miracles and synchronicities, which removes the "bad" and the ignorance and helps to give light to those who need it, always in harmony with the whole. The shaman is the one who loves freedom and truth above all and seeks to merge with the great spirit, our purest being, the one who lives in its essence. The shaman seeks changes and his counselor is the death that teaches him to be flawless, to embrace his fears and with humility what is needed become purified in order to be as light as a child who listen to his inner light, laughing at himself and knowing himself deeply releases all the attachments and resentments. The shaman follows his path with the heart.


The group of students of SHING Shamanism Method are developing a place of Inner Transformation, where each month they learn something new and share experiences of how Shamanism can be applied on their everyday life on the city. The life of each participant becomes richer on experiences when they live in synchronicity and are more "awake".



Agenda of the course alloted over three years:

Fears releasing.
Development of flawlessly.
Increasing will power.
Listening to oneself.
Listening to the signals of the Universe.
Discovering our Inner Wisdom, the Voice of View.
Integrating our shadow.
Death and Rebirth.
Communion with our Great Spirit.
Feeling and managing the Energies.
Reconnecting with our Double, Soul and Spirit.
Dream State and unfolding.
Diagnosing and Removing "Damage".
Astral Traveling.
Auric cleaning and places cleaning.
Subtle bodies.
Magic Circle.
Merlin Lineage initiation.
Snake Qigong.
Power Animals.
Energy healing and strengthening.
Reading body.
Reading Aura.
Unbloking deeply the chakras.
Angel Healing level 1,2 and 3.
Mindfulness, total awareness.
Therapeutic Hand Reading.
Therapeutic Tarot Reading.
Bon Buddhist Shamanism.
Shamanism in the Kabbala.
Indian Shamanism level 1,2 and 3
Indonesian Shamanism.
Tibetan Protectors
Outer, inner, secret and most secret exorcisms.
Communion with Jesus.
Comparative analysis of The path of warrior from Carlos Castaneda with Carl Jung.
Dimensions and types of Beings.
Contact with the Essence of the 4 elements and Associated Beings.
Moon and Eclipse ceremonies.
Objects and Places of Power.
Subtle physical contact with Shamans and Teachers
Power Test.
Delivery of Thesis
Delivery of Diplomas







 26 de DIC

al  6 de ENERO



Durante el viaje aprende del ARTE  BUDISTA, HINDUISTA Y NEPALI  



   Aprende el manejo de energía en los







Visita a la casa y monasterio de maestros muy reconocidos en el budismo...


Posibilidad de aprender con ellos en este viaje.







La medicina tibetana es una ciencia, filosofía y arte de miles de años... es preventiva y nos da un diagnóstico y soluciones a resolver problemas fisicos, emocionales y espirituales con plantas medicinales y astrología y práctica espiritual.









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